Powerflush (when you upgrade your boiler with us)

when you upgrade your boiler with us, we recommend that you have your system power flushed. Power flush price £450 for the system with upto 8 radiators

When fitting a new Condensing boiler it is madness not to power flush your existing system. To validate your free boiler warranty its the requirement of all boiler manfacturers to power flush your central heating system before you have your boiler replaced with new condensing boiler, after the boiler instsllation the instsller will have to fill out the warranty papers and benchmark papers , where instsller has to mention that system has been flushed in accordance with the boiler manfacturers instructions. failing to comply with the manfacturer instructions your boiler warranty will be invalidated. And your new boiler will get blocked with sludge causing boiler parts failuer and costing you lot of money unnecessarily and reducing your boilers life.


Power-flush or De-Sludg full system

Power Flush Checklist

Many older installations were not treated properly from new which shows many years later, the problems that can occur as the pictures above show. By Power flushing the system we can help to rectify these & other problems. This is done by connecting our power flushing machine usually in place of the system pump and adding cleaning chemicals to the system, the high pressure action of the machine gradually cleans the system one radiator at a time, removing the sludge and allowing clean mains water to flow unhindered. We then add inhibitors to the system which stay in your system to help reduce the build up of sludge in the future which in turn gives you a quieter and more efficient heating system for years to come.

When fitting a new Condensing boiler it is madness not to power flush your existing system.

Central Heating Systems corrode internally, when air is in the system, producing black iron oxide sludge deposits in radiators and other iron components. These particles stick to all surfaces, causing premature failure of pumps and valves, cold unbalanceable radiators, block boiler heat exchangers and hot water heating coils. Overall system efficiency is greatly reduced and fuel wasted.

The build up of sludge in your hot water central heating systems is inevitable, no matter what fuel is used. Over a period of time this sludge can block pipes and prevent the radiators from delivering heat properly in your property.Sludge can also seriously affect the efficiency of your central heating system; it will lead to higher fuel bills and can bring forward the time when you need to replace some or all of the system.

The remedy? remove all sludge and scale by power flushing the central heating system. Power flushing starts at around £450 for the whole system with upto 8 radiators. it all depands on how big is your system.








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