Universal Heating Ltd is the new name for Universal Installations who has been serving its customers since 1997 and who as of January 2008 has expanded into a Limited company. Good business and increased demand, due to satisfied customers has allowed us to do this.

What do we offer our customers?

We offer an array of services which are broken down into 13 main areas as listed, for detailed Information on our services Click on links below or browse through our site & call us on landline: 0845 8386 247 / 0800 6226 247 Mobile: 07973 759 315. Or if you prefer send us an email from our contact page with your details and we will get in touch with you.

  1. + Central Heating power flushing & descaling
  2. + Domestic Central Heating Repairs
  3. + Domestic Central Heating Installations / Upgrades
  4. + Domestic Central Heating Maintenance / Service
  5. + Commercial Central Heating Installations / Repairs / Upgrades
  6. + Commercial Gas Lines & Iinterlock Systems / Gas Proving Systems
  7. + Central Heating Buy Now Pay Later Finance
  8. + Digital wireless programmable room stats / Programmers
  9. + Gas Fires & Other Gas Appliances Installations / Repairs / Upgrades
  10. + Underfloor Heating
  11. + Unvented Hot Water Systems
  12. + Landlord Gas Safety Certificates / Annual Servicing
  13. + Gas analyser Combustion report / Room safety corbon monoxide
  14. + Commercial Kitchens & Catering equipment Installations

Why should you use our services?

Universal Heating Ltd has worked hard to build up an excellent Reputation with our customers in the West Midlands Region. We are the Premiere choice for most Customers in the Region. In the Year ending 2007 43% of our work came from repeat Business, showing customers were more than happy to use us again. We have Contracts with many Lettings Agencies who recommend us to Landlords to carry out all sorts of Services.

When did we get established?

It was not until 1998 Under the Gas Safety Regulations that it became Compulsory to be Corgi Registered, however In 1997 the Managing Director became Corgi Registered, and Set Up Universal Installations as a Sole Trader. In 2001 after establishing himself in the Area he decided to expand and hired more Engineers to work under the Company. In Late 2007 the Company planned further expansion until finally becoming a Limited Company in January 2008 changing its name to Universal Heating Ltd and hired more Engineers and set up Head Quarters in its new Premises.

How can I purchase your services?

We accept cheques and cash

Energy Efficiency

If your house is centrally heated, you can make the Heating more efficient and less expensive by upgrading your Heating Controls. A Programmer allows you to set Heating and hot water to come on only at times when needed. Digital Room thermostats, which automatically switch the Heating off at a certain Temperature, will also save Energy. Similarly, individual Radiator Thermostats (Trv's) can be fitted which allow you to control each room's Temperature separately.

One of the biggest causes of high fuel Bills and energy inefficiency comes from old Boilers, generally those over 15 years old. All modern Boiler systems are more energy efficient and use less fuel to run. The most efficient Boilers in terms of saving money are called Condensing Boilers, which use 30-40% Less fuel by Recycling Fumes

Fitting a new Boiler is the best way to reduce bills, at Universal Heating we only fit A or B Rated Boilers which are highly efficient and we recommend to ourcustomers what is the most efficient Boiler in their price range.



Landline: >0121 7778914 / Mobile: >0785 4444 738 / 07973759315

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